about us
In 1969, San Joaquin Refining set out on a mission to develop a sophisticated and state-of-the-art refining system capable of processing local feedstock’s into premium naphthenic oils for specialty applications. Through aggressive acquisitions and select product line expansions, San Joaquin Refining has grown into a vital supplier to dozens of industries world wide. Our consistent quality, complemented by outstanding technical support, is what makes San Joaquin Refining the right choice for you.
Located in Bakersfield, CA, San Joaquin Refining has the favorable position of refining only San Joaquin Valley Heavy Naphthenic crude oil. The San Joaquin Valley consists of many oil-producing counties. Kern County is not only the largest oil-producing county in the San Joaquin Valley, but also the largest oil-producing county in all of California. If Kern County was a state in its own right, it would rank behind Texas, Alaska, and Louisiana as the fourth largest oil producer in the country, producing approximately 400,000 barrels of crude oil per day, representing 6% of the nation’s oil production and 1% of the total world’s production.