Our products are all around you

Engine oil
Pastel colors
Rolls of different colored tape
A man rolling a tire
SJR products power the creation of everyday tools and items that you use. Tires, paints, lubricants and other products are made up of some of the many oils created here.
A worker hammering in a nail
A worker applying varnish to a stool
Rolls of printer ink
Workers monitoring an asphalt paving engine

Tires, Adhesives, Lubricating Base Oil, De-Dust, Rubber Process Oil, Ink Oil, Foam Carpet Underlay, Metal Working Fluids, Grease, Bar & Chain, Resin Solutions

Lubricating Base Oils, Insecticides, Explosives, Paints & Coatings, Pigments, Hydraulic Fluids, Industrial Lubricants, Metalworking Fluids, Pump Oil, Process Oil

Insulating Oil for Transformers and Switch Gear

Drilling Fluid, Fracking Fluid, Ink Solvent

High aromatic content, low aniline pt, high solvency, free of aspahitenes. For use in rubber, resins, recycling agents, road oils.

ULS No.2 Diesel
CARB compliant <15 ppm sulfur. Wax free. -75F pour point. Off-road red dye also available.

Conventional Asphalt
San Joaquin Refining Co., Inc. is an approved supplier for Caltrans “Certificate of Compliance” program.

Polymer Modified Asphalt
San Joaquin Refining Co., Inc. produces very stable SBS modified asphalts.

Asphalt Cutback
San Joaquin Refining Co., Inc. produces SC-800 and SC-3000.

Roofing Applications
Saturant and SBS modified roofing asphalts.