Processed through NMP Solvent extraction or the latest technology Multi-stage Catalytic Hydrotreating, to yield consistently high quality, unique products. Low pour… Wax-free… Clear… Controlled properties for your applications.

24,300 BPD Atmospheric Distillation

14,300 BPD Vacuum Distillation

4,000 BPD NMP Solvent Extraction

3,500 BPD Multi-stage Catalytic Hydrotreating

2,000 BPD Heavy Oil Hydrofinishing

2,500 BPD Asphalt Oxidation

Asphalt / Polymer Mixing

Thermal Vis-breaking

To support the ongoing refining activity, SJR operates and maintains a tank farm of over 90 tanks with a total capacity of 800,000 barrels.


SJR’s distribution network ships products both nationally and worldwide for a variety of industries through the Port of Los Angeles.